“In “Bald “Mont “Wires “Aguille “Pathway; “November Trees in Spring Snowstorm; Auburn, Ohio “Iceberg Dry Creek rock dam 4; Cookeville Rainstorm in the Valley; Death Valley, California “Dunes Mt. Baker and Hills from Mt. Rainier; Camp Shurman, Washington “Sage “Sandpipers “Seastacks Tree Reflections #2; Eldon Russell Park, Ohio “Grasses Harding Ice Field; Homer, Alaska Breaking Storm at Sunset; Ladue Reservoir, Ohio Sunset, Gannet Peak; Wind River Range, Wyoming Great Falls from Viaduct Park; Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio “Big Sunrise, Gannett Peak; Wind River Range, Wyoming


These landscape and nature photographs by Dave Chew represent his outdoor experiences over the last 15 years, including backpacking, mountaineering, canoeing and exploring areas from Maine to Washington.